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.......................My name is Martin Tindall......................... My role as Chief Analyst at is to help our clients create and implement solutions to expand their business, profits and social impacts. My philanthropic purpose is to help facilitate sustainable and affordable healthcare solutions for least developed and developing countries.

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I am Martin Tindall, I am the Chief Analyst at OrionIQ International, a Strategic Advisor with multiple organizations, Founder of Tindall Life, Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited and benefactor of Global Health Trust. As Chief Analyst, my role is to help our clients create plans, projects and connections to develop solutions for the growth of their business. As a Philanthropist, my purpose is to help facilitate sustainable and affordable healthcare solutions for least developed and developing countries. Acting as a strategic advisor to several companies, I provides a solid background in business, finance, healthcare and technology. Leveraging experience, knowledge and a forward-thinking perspective that helps companies deliver successful projects. The Global Health Trust The Global Health Trust was created to provide Governments of the World and their people with access to Healthcare Infrastructure Financing, installation, implementation, and operations, to expand the access to much needed healthcare, infrastructure, equipment, education, training, and support systems. All while providing access solutions to people who can’t afford healthcare and medications or would otherwise die without it. ​ Healthcare is a fundamental human right.See Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited focuses on healthcare solutions and the use of plant-based pharmaceuticals to deliver products for managing diabetes, cancer, pain management and to support overall physical wellness. Working with national governments, such as the Republic of Vanuatu, Phoenix Life is driving forward the delivery of networks of community healthcare clinics and national diabetes programs. See Tindall.Life Tindall.Life is working to expand our philanthropic goals for global healthcare and education solutions. See Mission: To create life changing solutions through developing affordable healthcare platforms to allow governments to develop infrastructure and programs to deliver greater healthcare for their citizens. Providing access to those who need it most. Those that can't afford it and those that would otherwise die without it. Biography and Quotes/ Martin Tindall founded Phoenix Life and was instrumental in developing the Global Health Trust due to personal connections with cancer and diabetes. Losing his father Barry Tindall in 2013 to chemotherapy complications treating pancreatic cancer and with cancer and diabetes effecting beloved extended family and friends in both developed and developing countries. Since 2013 Martin Tindall has dedicated his life to making creating new healthcare solutions, at great personal cost. "The Introduction of Phoenix Metabolic will be a game changer for the diabetes industry. An affordable product for governments to implement amongst their growing diabetic population. Reducing the cost of managing diabetes is one thing. Reducing the amputations, blindness and death of diabetics in least developed and developing nations is something that everyone aspires to. - come join me on this journey" said Martin Tindall. Martin Tindall's professional background spans the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Vanuatu. He was born and raised in Australia and educated at the Western Sydney Institute of Higher Education where he studied Accounting and Commercial and Company Law. Martin spent much of his early career focused on the integration of technology within international trade and finance. Later incubating numerous international projects, he particularly enjoyed environmental projects that delivered sustainable, “green” business solutions and healthcare projects to expand access. Martin Tindall now applies his 20+ years of experience covering business, finance, technology and management, and his forward-thinking perspective, to his various advisory and philanthropic roles. Outside of work, Martin Tindall has a diverse range of hobbies including travel, scuba diving, snowboarding, wake surfing, architecture, nutrition, and fitness. Martin Tindall also teaches yoga to those impacted by law enforcement. Media Articles/ Martin Tindall has been featured in many news stories profiling his work with diabetes. Forbes Magazine Entrepreneur Magazine / Green Entrepreneur Leafly Media Daily Post - Vanuatu National Paper Fresh Toast Daily Post - Vanuatu National Paper Martin Tindall is on Social Media Facebook Linked-In Twitter YouTube

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Golf, travel, wining and dining, helping people, the environment, alternative energy, property development, plant-based pharmaceuticals including medical cannabis, technology, medicine, healthcare, human health, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and snow boarding.

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