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Welcome, I'm Martin Tindall,

Martin Tindall's Bio:

Martin Tindall is the CEO at Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited, an industry-leading adaptive healthcare solutions company. Phoenix Life Sciences focuses on the endocannabinoid system and the use of phytocannabinoids to support overall physical wellness. The company has quickly distinguished itself as a leader within the healthcare industry. Its mission is to create a future where patients repair, restore, and rejuvenate themselves and to introduce cannabinoid-based medicines to the mainstream medical community. Martin Tindall became involved with Phoenix Life Sciences due to a personal connection with cancer. In 2013, Martin's father succumbed to pancreatic cancer when he stopped responding to chemotherapy treatments. Watching his father go through this illness and ultimately lose his battle to cancer prompted Martin into action. He has dedicated his life to making medical cannabis an accepted form of treatment among mainstream pharmaceutical companies. Martin Tindall's professional background spans the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and more. He was born and raised in Australia, and educated at the Western Sydney Institute of Higher Education where he studied Accounting and Commercial and Company Law. Martin spent much of his early career focused on the integration of technology within international trade and finance. He later served as Executive Director of Kronos International Investments LLP, developing and incubating numerous international projects. He particularly enjoyed environmental projects that delivered sustainable, “green” business solutions. Martin Tindall now applies his 15+ years of experience covering business, finance, and management, and his forward-thinking perspective, to his executive role at Phoenix Life Sciences. Phoenix Life Sciences is currently expanding its professional network and developing production facilities, new drug development, and Life Sciences Campuses around the world. Martin appreciates that his position allows him to travel around the world and meet with leaders in the medical community. He is currently helping with a project in Vanuatu in the South Pacific where the company's efforts are helping the area economically through exports and job creation. Outside of work, Martin Tindall has a diverse range of hobbies including travel, scuba diving, snowboarding, atv quad racing, vehicles, boats, architecture, nutrition, and fitness.

Martin Tindall's Experience:

  • Executive Director at Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation

    Martin Tindall is an Executive Director of Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation and is responsible for financing and capital management for projects and partnerships in the medical cannabis industry. Following the death of his father in 2013 as a result of chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer, Martin's core goal is the pursuit of alternative treatments for cancer. This has lead to his involvement in the building of Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation, Phoenix Bio Pharmaceuticals and MediJane Holdings. In this position his key focus is the securing of capital and the formation of strategic alliances.

  • Executive Director at Kronos International Investments Limited

    Kronos International Investments Limited, represents a global group of enterprises focused on facilitation, incubation, financing, and delivering planned execution of projects and partnerships in the areas of medical marijuana, ecology and energy, multiple land use development, technology, and financial platforms. Martin Tindall's role is the focus on capital raising, and project partnerships.

  • Director at World Property Company

    World Property Company is now part of Kronos International Investments Ltd

  • Head of Business Development at Kronos Limited

  • Business Development Executive at ECO2 Forests Inc.

  • Chief Information Officer and Director at Bartercard International

  • VP Technology & Director of Special Operations at ITEX Corporation

Martin Tindall's Education:

  • Western Sydney Institute of Higher Education

    Concentration: Accounting, Commercial and Company Law
  • Galston High 1988-1989

  • Billabong High School

Martin Tindall's Interests & Activities:

Golf, travel, wining and dining, helping people, the environment, alternative energy, property development, medical marijuana, immigration, trees, champagne, music festivals and entertainment, technology, medicine, healthcare, human health, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and snow boarding.

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